Longing. 11-11-13

I miss sex.  

I wonder if I shall ever have that again.  

I don’t mean just sex….I’m sure I can get that.

However, the D/s dynamic.  Especially the whole DD/lg aspect.

Where does one even begin?  It’s not a normal conversation starter…….hey so uh, by the way, you wouldn’t happen to be into….

A few people I have talked to, don’t really “get” it. You say the word “daddy” and they immediately think it’s incestious or that I have serious ….umm…daddy issues.  

I dunno.  I miss P. The good P…. how he could make me melt.  Mostly just from one look. I was his.  The vulnerability and trust that I placed with him.  It was almost sacred to me.  To be that open….

I can’t even articulate what it felt like. 

I just wonder if I’ll ever have that again.  Or if I should even bother.  Or where I should even begin.


~ by spanglebaby52 on November 11, 2013.

2 Responses to “Longing. 11-11-13”

  1. Hard for sure. Right there with you. Xx

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