Conversation with K

Sooooooo. . .I am not exactly sure about when on the timeline I stumbled upon this gem of a conversation.

I have it listed that I forwarded this to my email on the 30th of Dec. . . But I know that I knew about it a bit before hand.

Even though he had his computer on lock down, he didn’t put his phone on lock down.  Here he was talking to some broad, unbeknownst to me, that he had met when he went and registered on

Now, what he was doing on there, or how he even came to be on there. . . I had no idea at the time, but it would all become apparent to me.

As I said, I was still following Michigan’s blog and she began to talk about how she had been talking to an ex boyfriend of hers, rather, sexually.

In my gut I knew it was P.  I was just waiting for some key pieces of evidence before I went to him to ask him what the fuck?!

In the meantime, I waited.  Patiently.  It was all unfolding.  I knew it would be just a matter of time.

I even sat on this stupid ass conversation along with some pictures from some old ass woman dressed up in a nightie posing with a teddy bear.  I have no idea what the fuck that shit was about.  (Ok, she wasn’t old old . . . but definitely older than me.  She looked to be in her late 40’s.  And not to knock, but . . . like someone’s white trash mom. How you get off on that and not your hot piece of ass girlfriend is BEYOND ME.)

I mean, here he has this incredibly sexually frustrated girlfriend at home, who has been flirting with him, texting him, sending him sexy pictures of herself. . .doing everything in her power to entice him, and he is talking his shit with someone else.

How do I NOT develop a complex?

Jeeze boyfriend can barely get it up, let alone keep it up when he is with me, yet he is all about licking other girl’s holes.

Some of you might be saying, why did you wait?  You should have been like fuck you and out the door.  And yes… I should have.

Yet there was this part of me, that really wanted to shove it in P’s face what a lying POS he was, and that I had outsmarted him yet again.  That he just can’t pull shit over on me. . . because I WILL FIND OUT.

He also had a way of making everything seem like it was all you, and not him.  That you were the crazy one. .. The one with the problem. . . the one that pushed him to do such things..

So to have such proof, that I could actually go back and refer to. . .well!Haha! 

P’s fuckery would be in the bold/ That K girl is non bold.

(I’ve added some comments in italics.. )

———- Forwarded message ———-

Date: Sep 6, 2011 9:22 AM
Subject: Chat with k:-)

8:07 AM me: Lick your holes out…..:p

8:11 AM is that disgusting to you?


22 minutes

8:34 AM k:-): no you just didn’t write lick so wasn’t sure what you were saying


8:35 AM me: that’s what i meant to say…sorry…i was typing fast….i’m at work

8:36 AM k:-): no worries what do you do


8:37 AM me: I’m in sales

  for a company that distributes safety equipment (LIE)

8:38 AM k:-): kewl.

sorry going to be back and forth tryying to get some stuff done and going through things to take to the drop center for the fire victims


8:39 AM me: very nice of you…sounds like ur a busy girl…

8:40 AM k:-): can be better than being bored.

i can’t stand sitting still


me: I like that…..I so want to get you busy working on me while i work on you

  i understand

(He likes how this girl can’t stand still and likes to be busy, yet is always bitching at his girlfriend about how I “always have to be doing something”.  Asshole..)


8:41 AM k:-): lol could be fun… beside it’s a good time to teach the kids about charity

8:42 AM being a single mom they dont’ have everything they possibly want but they are going get a new prospective on how lucky they really are, and how not everyone is as lucky

8:43 AM me: that’s right….smart girl you are


k:-): thanks … yeah i’m a geek but proud of it 😛

8:44 AM me: I’m a geek too

  big time

  tatted geek


8:47 AM k:-): lol i only have one so far

an ankh with stars and moons on my back,, though the fucknut that did it put the moons on backwards

8:48 AM me: LOL

  you want more don’t you?


k:-): it was south carolina .. they have no understanding of the phases of the moon and stuff there

8:49 AM yup getting a tribal heart with wings for my dad. (murdered 4 years ago this No)

then a couple more just still working out the designs

 me: i have half sleeves

8:50 AM shoulders are covered

  i’d say half my torso is covered

  one on my thigh

  one on my ass (lie)


8:51 AM k:-): lol kewl.

8:52 AM i am getting my dad’s on my left shoulder blade. eventually. Just have to decide if I want to do it on his bday or the day he died

8:53 AM me: so what brings you to alt?

  have you actually met anyone from that site?

8:57 AM k:-): no not from the site.. i was told about it through a guy I was seeing very briefly. I had just met my first Dom at my last job back in late April. we had a falling out and started seeing this other guy but he was more a casual thing, as he lives up in college station and was only here for some research and i was asking how he meets people.. since with my first it was simple .. even though had never been with a Dom before it was like he set off a radar as soon as i met him. Not like that happens with everyone so he told me to look at alt.

been talking to my brother best friend but call him my Brother and he has been giving me some pointers.

8:59 AM me: I’ve had some subs…been doing this for about 6 years….not to where it comes outside of the bedroom though

  I haven’t met anyone on this site

  you’re the first person I’ve talked to

  from the site


9:00 AM k:-): well feel special

I feel speacial

sorry i’m so not doing well with multi tasking today

 me: don’t worry about it

9:01 AM it’s all good

9:02 AM I am disappointed with the site…i will not renew my subscription for gold membership

  lots of fake profiles

  dudes posing as girls

k:-): lovely though seems to be that way with lots of dating sites

9:03 AM me: yes but this site is a little different….you know

  dom looking for subs

9:04 AM and subs looking for daddys

k:-): yeah

have you been on fetlife yet

9:05 AM me: it’s a very intimate thing

  that does not necessarily have to be serious

  umm no i haven’t

  any good


(a very intimate thing.  Really asshole???  You think???  How about being intimate with your girlfriend?  And intimate thing with out being serious???  Fuck you. If that was what you wanted, then why the fuck were you so hell bent on being in a relationship with me and making sure I wasn’t talking to anyone I wasn’t “suppose” to be talking to.  Hypocrite!)


9:06 AM k:-): it’s basically like the facebook for kinksters.. and it’s free so YES

9:07 AM me: cool….i’ll check it out


k:-): i have fun on it.. it’s just nice to have a place where you can talk to people about stuff and not worry what they are going to think..

9:08 AM lik on fet could actually brag about finally getting my eroscillator …. NOT something I am posting on facebook for all my family to read

9:09 AM me: LOL

  do you like the eroscillator?

9:10 AM k:-): YES… i had pretty much given up on toys cause they didnt’ do anything for me.. this one Oh yea!

it’s my new best friend… AND never have to worry about batteries

9:11 AM that thing has a 12ft chord.. now why it needs one that long I have no idea but 🙂

9:12 AM me: i have one of those heavy duty vibrators (plug-in) that i use on my girls

9:13 AM it’s fun to use and do some orgasm control with

9:15 AM k:-): oh that hitachi thing

9:16 AM i like the eroscilator.. it just have a different movenent than just vibrating.. i think that is what makes the difference for me..

9:17 AM me: I’ll have her hold it on her little meat button…put on a pair of rubber (cleaning) gloves covered in lube…and finger both holes

9:18 AM usually…it ends in a nice hard orgasm…..with legs twitching

9:19 AM Magic wand massager by adam and eve


9:20 AM k:-): ok

you going to be on for a bit I have to get cleaned up and run some errands really quick

9:21 AM me: I’m going to be on all day….

  i really want to pick you brain

  find that dark alley

9:22 AM will you open up to me?


(all day huh?  You ,mean while your girlfriend is ALSO waiting online to talk with you, but you pretend you aren’t there, and then give her shit about who it was she was “talking with all day.”????


5 minutes

9:27 AM k:-): sure. i can talk your ear off.. i’m good about that lol

you can text me if you want .. going to be out and about most the day… 512-XXX-XXXX

9:28 AM laters 🙂

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