Journal Entry 7-22-11


I think P is cheating on me.  That or he is talking with someone.  Things don’t feel right.  He is not as affectionate as he once was… and he definitely has not been pulling out the stops in the bedroom.  It’s not that the sex isn’t good, but he doesn’t seem to get very “excited”.  Maybe it has all become predictable.  He never brings out the collar anymore.

I want to cry right now.  I spent all day on FB trying to talk with him here and there and all I got back were one word responses.  I know he can’t be busy with actual work because he admitted that he was trying to look busy.  So what the fuck?

Am I just being paranoid?  Is karma catching up to me?

Al I know is that I’m starting to feel taken for granted.  In the affection department.  Once again.

Story of my fucking life.


~ by spanglebaby52 on June 20, 2013.

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