Restaurant Guy


A guy I dated right before P and I got together.  Not  gonna lie, was really digging on this guy.  He was attractive, funny, had a lot of things in common with me.  When we 1st started talking he kept telling me how excited he was about us getting to know each other, and how he had a good feeling about the direction of things between us.

I bought into it because, one, again, he was pretty attractive, and two I was in the stage of leaving my husband and starting the divorce proceedings.  I gotta say, I was pretty tickled that someone was actually interested in me, and flirted with me in silly ways.

But that’s all it was.  Just a short period of flirting, making out here and there and one night of sex.  After that, he started to distance himself, telling me that he was just “busy”.

I would try to make plans and he would always either leave me with a tentative maybe, or ignore me all together.

When I called him out on his actions, he would tell me I was wrong.   That he was just “busy”.  That his sister was going through a rough time and had to be there for her. . . which apparently was 24/7.  I kept telling him that there was no need for the charades or to pretend that whatever was going on between us was anything more than just some fucking around.  He again denied it.  Kept blowing the smoke up my ass. . . Meanwhile, he had moved on to a new girl.

Angered by the smoke blowing he was doing,  I deleted him from my Facebook, only for him to send me a message and another friend request maybe a few weeks into P’s and I relationship saying that he “couldn’t believe I deleted him.”  I accepted and we pretty much went to back to the casual hello’s and how you doings, with no other real conversation.

Seeing that he mostly worked days, I rarely if ever ran into him at the restaurant that he worked at.  (and where we became acquainted) Last I heard, he was transferred to another location.  So any chance of me ever running into him again is nil.

As of today, the last time I had any contact with him was actually a few weeks ago when after deleting him awhile back (of my own accord, not because I was Told to.) he sent me yet another friend request.  I sent him a message asking all the usual pleasantries and feeling that once again, there was really no point in me keeping him around for any reason, I deleted him once again.

It’s not that I detest or hold ill will.  He just serves no purpose for me.

He was fun.  Incredibly good looking if you ask me. . .Definitely a good kisser (and fuck) but there is just no interest there anymore.

I’m over it.


~ by spanglebaby52 on June 4, 2013.

2 Responses to “Restaurant Guy”

  1. “He just serves no purpose for me.”

    Great line.

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