The Other Women.

The Other Women:

(They will all make their appearance once I start delving into his fuckery.)

Tent Girl:  The 1st of the girls I caught daddy talking inappropriately with.  Not sure how they know each other, all I do know is that they had trysts in their teens and twenties.  *I think she could be married or with someone.  Maybe one day I will brave to get the story.

Barbara: She was the older lady that daddy brought to one of my shows before he and I started dating.  At first he told me they never slept together, and that she only “choked” on his dick. (that was lie.  They did have sex.  He would slip up later and admit that they had.)  She is one of the ones that he still tries to maintain constant contact with, even though I asked him not to.  (Only after I saw he was talking inappropriately with her AND told me that I wasn’t allowed to talk to any of my ex’s or hook ups.)

Pin Up: Some “crazy” broad that daddy went out with here and there.  They never slept together.  She is also another one where daddy tries to maintain constant contact with, and also talks about his dick with.  He is always fishing from her whether or not she would give him a chance, even though she has stated that he is too young for her.  Daddy likes to tell me how insane this woman is and how she was always trying to get him to buy her stuff.  He also keeps telling me how she has put on weight, yet that doesn’t seem to stop him from commenting on how he likes her pictures.

Michigan: A married girl whom daddy carried on with behind my back here and there during the 1st year and a half or so of our relationship.  They had dated a while before daddy and I got together. (*also while she was still married) daddy always maintained that she was fucking nuts and that he dodged a bullet with this one. Meanwhile, he was trying to set up a rendezvous with her and find them a 3rd so they could have a threesome.  He seems to downplay the importance of their relationship and perhaps how attached he may have been to her . . . as though it didn’t mean much to him.  Yet I think otherwise.

Random Girl: I have no idea how these two became acquainted.  She told me it was from Myspace, but I have a sneaking suspicion it was probably somewhere else.  She revealed to me that she would go by a moniker of Fuck doll, which I KNOW would have peaked daddy’s interest.  daddy seemed to be somewhat obsessed with her. He was ALWAYS perusing through her pictures, trying to contact her after I caught him calling her babydoll (which was what he would call me.)

Ex GF: A girl that daddy dated seriously in high school and somewhat before he left for the service.  (I think?)  They became friends on FB (after he berated me for “friending every ex I had ever been with”) and started to have secret conversations with her.  He installed Skype so that they could Skype.  They would reminisce over their sex life.  I think she was really pushing for her and daddy to get back together or at least get something going.  *She is married and has two children I believe.  Her husband was in a work related accident that left him a paraplegic (or quad?  I dunno.)

Skank Face: I believe this was a random hook up that daddy had.  They probably talked for a bit first before getting together to fuck.  That’s basically all it was.  Just a fuck.  Of course, again, she was yet another FB that he friended after giving me shit for adding my male cast mates for a show I was in on my facebook.

Slinglet: Yet another girl daddy had a random hook up with. . .*while she was engaged no less, that he likes to keep around because she is a funny girl and her sense of humor matches his.  He will talk to her every once in a while, telling her that his “trunk misses her”(a pick up line he uses with all his girls.)  and that crazy chicks make his “dick hard”.  According to daddy this talk means nothing, and is just joking around.  Yet If I mention any word referring to anything sexual, blatant or even in a joking manner with my friends, (females included) I am the one being disrespectful.

K: Some lady he probably met on  I found a chat of theirs on his phone, where he talked about how the whole D/s relationship was so intimate, how he wanted to “pick her brain” and blah blah puke puke.

I saw he found her on FB a few months ago and tried to “jar” her memory of their conversations.  Whether or not she remembered I have no idea. . . from what I last read, it sounded like she blew him off.

These are only the ones that I came across.  Whether or not there were more, it’s hard to say.  All I know is that it pisses me off that he is allowed to friend/talk/interact with his ex’s/FB’s and I am scrutinized and berated for adding any male, regardless if I talk to them on a regular basis or not.  To him, what is good for the goose is not good for the gander.


*I am not pointing out the relationship status of these women to throw any kind of judgment on them, but to point out that while daddy felt it was fine by his standards to judge me and hold my past discretions as though I did them to him personally, and that it was a flaw on my moral character, he felt that no responsibility or moral ethics fell on him for his involvement with attached women.


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